About Us


Our vision is to become the leader in Workwear products in the world.

We intend to do this by entering new domains of Workwear, both geographic and product wise and thus meet and exceed expectations of our stakeholders i.e. the customer of the company, its employees and its sponsors.
Our strategy is to move toward these goals through dedication, design innovation, quality consciousness, professional management, technical excellence and above all genuine customer satisfaction.

Early Years

From a humble single floor 5 people operation, the principal of Canter Pvt Limited started their innings in 1974. Currently these sponsors privately own three different companies, each of which has turnover of millions of dollars.

From weaving operations to stitching houses, Canter and its sister concern do it all.

Years of relentless effort and dedication spent in building and maintaining an environment for excellence and quality is what has brought Canter and its sponsors to their current enviable status- a leading textile house in Pakistan.


Canter Pvt Limited is one of the largest exporters of the work garments out of Pakistan. The sponsors of the company have been involved in the manufacture and export of work wears for over three decades now.

The company houses over 250 stitching machines and is capable of producing over 80,000pieces of woven, knitted and denim garments per month. Our principal export market remains Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, U.K, U.A.E, and the U.S.


Canter currently houses nearly 250 stitching machines and employees over 200 workers. The stitching facility is equipped with the latest state of the art stitching technology from Germany, Japan, China and Switzerland.

The company’s stitching unit comprises mainly of Brother and Juki stitching technology with machines ranging from single needle lock-stitch machines to sophisticated computerized single needle lock-stitch, feed of the arm and Eye-let machines. The company houses latest embroidery and cutting technology which includes hardwares as well as softwares.

Customer Base

Canter is currently supplying work wear to the following countries: Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, U.K, U.A.E, and the U.S.

Our primary segments for hardcore work wear remains the automotive, construction, and engineering industry. With our recent entry (1998) into hospitality and the healthcare products, we have very quickly penetrated the Italian, the UAE and the US hospitality and health care work wear markets. We feel proud to say that we are currently dealing with the top distributors, importers, and wholesalers of work Wear in the world. We are making and branding products for the most renowned work wear houses in the world and Canter Feels proud of its Association with these names.

Production Method




We, at Canter, are humbled by the fact that leading manufacturing and engineering companies of the world come to us for their work wear needs. For some of our clients we design work garments on CAD software ourselves. Designing is done for the clients keeping in mind their specific work requirements and the end-use to which the garment would be put to for that, we work in close coordination with our buyers so as to make the product most comfortable for the end-user. As very truly said “Canter ensure……

Comfort at work!!!




Canter employs latest production techniques, from “one operation chain system” to “complete piece batch system”. Our production lines are geared to produce complicated multiplicities, complex work suits made from heavy duty 400 GSM drill to 120 GSM light weight dress shirts. These different work methods give the company the flexibility of fulfilling demands of our constantly widening customer base. These production methods not only give the company very short changeover times but also enable us to produce smaller work orders (200 pieces).

We run on 2 shifts a day basis, with each shift running for eight hours each. Our production facility allows on-line monitoring through its Honeywell online monitoring system.

Quality Assurance

Like All successful companies, Canter adherer’s to the strictest of quality standards so as to ensure complete customer satisfaction, Since Canter is a totally export based concern and is working with the top textile/workwear houses of the world, it has a deep rooted commitment to quality . We encourage pre-shipment inspection and also allow buyer to see their production in real time/online. With this backdrop and with constant struggle towards Supreme quality, we feel proud to say that we have, to a very large extent achieved zero percent rejection rate for all our export orders.

Human Resources

Like All successful companies Canter believes that its greatest assets are its human resources. Canter Pvt. Limited is an equal opportunity employer where recruitment is done on the basis of merit and capability. We believe that the growth of a company is invariably dependent upon the growth of its people. Consequently, we provide regular training to our employees. Apprenticeship and other hands-on training and development schemes are also in operation.

At Canter, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers as well as employees. We believe in relationships that are both enriching and beneficial to both sides. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe, positive, and productive work environment that is respectful of individual differences and free of all forms of prejudice. We take pride in the fact that we have the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry in Pakistan.